Laura at the age of 32 diagnosed with breast cancer. She came under stress after knowing about her medical disorder. However, it was not the end of her life, as the doctor told her that it is just the initial state and it could be cured easily with chemotherapy and medication. She was on chemotherapy for one year and good thing was that chemotherapy was showing better results for her breast cancer. Only disappointing thing was that her, hair started falling down due to chemotherapy, although her eyelashes affected badly and fall down almost. After completion of chemotherapy, hair starts growing on the scalp but her eyelashes were not growing properly and with tiny eyelashes, she looks very scary. She applies petroleum jelly, olive oil on her lashes but nothing works on her lashes, at last, she searched on Google for some effective medicament for lashes growth and she found an article on Careprost eye drops full of people personal experiences and positive reviews of medication for long lashes. Then, immediately, she ordered Careprost eye drops online and starts using it regularly in the way describe over drug leaflet. She found effective result within 4weeks and continues her treatment for at least 16 weeks for amazing results.

Careprost eye drops are affected and FDA approved product of generic Bimatoprost for the natural growth of eyelashes. It treats the issues of Hypotrichosis, a condition in which person suffer from tiny eyelashes, mostly women. It provides you the long and stunning eyelashes within a period of 16 weeks. It can also be used for the management of open eye glaucoma.

The generic Bimatoprost the main working ingredient comes under the class of prostaglandin. It generally shows its action by altering the hair growth cycle of eyes. It increases the anagen phase of lashes growth phase and decreases the telogen phase of eye hair growth. In this way, it increases the eyelashes to linger extent in a natural way without any harm to the eyes.


Buy Careprost eye drop is accessible under the dose strength of 0.03% of Bimatoprost. Wash out your hand before and after applying the medication wash out your hands properly. Now take a small drop of medication on the applicator and apply it to the upper eyelashes in the form of thin eyeliner. After applying, the medication closed your eyes for one minute and wipe out the extra fluid with tissue wipe. Do the same for the other eye. Do not apply the medication on lower lashes as it gets applied automatically when you blinked your eyes.

For the management of Glaucoma: you have to insert one drop of medicament into the affected eyes.
You may observe some side effects like as of redness of eyes, feeling of something heavy inside eyes, blurred vision, itching, burning sensation in the eyes, and sensitivity to light, an increase in coloring or pigment of the area around the eye, and darkening of iris.

Hence, a person should have to avoid the use of eye drops if they are allergic to Bimatoprost or recently came across an eye surgery. Do not use the eye drops if suffering from liver, kidney and cardiovascular issues. If you are pregnant and breastfeeding women then do not apply the eye drops. Remove out the contact lenses before applying the eye drops. It makes your eyes sensitive towards the light, so better to apply it at bedtime. Do not use any kind of eye makeup while countering on medication. It makes your vision blurry, so do not drive after applying the eye drops.

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